Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Snow-Pocolypes

This has been a crazy winter for us north westerns. Not crazy like the east coast crazy... Like not normal for north west Oregon crazy. It normally rains non-stop. Yuck! We always hope for snow but that wish only comes true once every 3 or 4 years. About every other year we might get a light dusting of snow that melts once it hits the ground. But for the most part it rains, A LOT! This year was different. The rain hardly showed up. When it did come it was nothing like we normally see this time of year. This winter has been very dry.

And cold.

Very dry and very cold.

As February came along our hopes of snow seemed to fade away. The air seemed warmer and no rain was falling. Until a very quick drop in temperature and clouds swiftly came to our rescue. Snow began to fall! My kids jumped for joy!

Friday morning (Feb, 7th)

"SNOOOWWWW!!! Mommy! Snow is coming!" said Michael.

"Snow is falling! Snow is falling!" sang Emily.

Sam just sat in wonder, staring out the window. Even our dog was watching.

Thursday, Feb. 6th

The snow started falling on a Thursday and was all gone by Tuesday. We had 4 great days of snow. It reached over 10 inches at our house!

"Here it comes!"
The kids couldn't wait to play in it!

Thursday evening
 Unfortunately, due to lack of snow around here we had to make due with lack of snow clothes. Sam was lucky we kept Michael's old snow pants and boots! All the gloves we had were too small for Michael and Emily and poor Sam had no gloves... So we improvised by putting warm socks on his hands. Sam also hates hats... So it was impossible to keep a hat on him. We were blessed with warm coats for all three kids at Christmas time! Thank the Lord! As for Michael and Emily, they had two layers of pants on and wore their rain boots with two pairs of socks on.

Our little pond Thursday night

Friday late morning was the perfect time to make a snowman!

And play in the snow.

Daddy even pulled them on a sled!

And they pulled Daddy!

My princess insisted on wearing her tutu skirt.

Saturday we braved the snow and went to my parents house to play.

The snow melted quicker then it fell. Once the temperature went from 30 degrees to above 40 degrees it took a short 18 hours for the snow to go from 10 inches to 2 inches. And 48 hours for all the snow to disappear

As fun as the snow was for my kids, hubby and our dog, I on the other hand don't really like snow. The way I like it, is watching it from the window inside my warm house. But I did enjoy seeing the joy on my kids faces when they woke up to winter wonderland. Watching them watch the snow fall was amazing to me. They loved the snow but did not cry when they woke up to it melting. I think they might have be tired of it.

Our snow-pocolypes lasted less then a week. But the joy and memories will last a lifetime! Thank you for reading and God bless!

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