Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A real man: My man

As most little girls do, I fantasized of a prince riding in on a white horse. He’d be tall, dark hair, amazing blue eyes, bright smile… He’d pick me up and carry me away and we would live happily ever after. Well by the time I was in my teens this idea seemed childish. Everyone has their own idea of what their dream guy looks and acts like. Due to the life choices we make, we end up with someone not even close or someone very close to our dream guy. We want someone perfect. Unfortunately, no one is perfect. Everyone has secrets. We just don’t dream of the bad. No one dreams of their husband having a bad temper, or an addiction, or being lazy, selfish or a cheater. Truth be told, I ended up with a great catch. My hubby is amazing! We have overcome the bad in both our lives and we are working hard to not only encourage each other but to stand by each other no matter what.

Here is only a few of the many things he does:
changes diapers
gets up in the middle of the night for the kids
loads and unloads the dishwasher
hands washes other dishes
cleans the toilet

Here are a few of the many things he sacrifices:
alone time
video games
warm meals
hanging out with his buddies

The moment he held our first born it was clear he was going to be a great dad. He helped with everything. He got pooped on, spit up on, peed on and he just whipped it off and continued. There were times I just sat back and watched him. I was so grateful and proud that he was my man!
As far as husbands go, I must say I have one of the best. The lists above tell you that. He also puts up with me. I see no need in hiding my emotions, therefore I am emotional. Also I am extremely dependent on him (to a fault at times). I crave his undivided attention when I’m talking. I tend to be over critical at times and sometimes my pride takes over. Yeah I know, I’m full of faults. But who isn’t. All I know is my husband loves me. He knew what he was getting into when we got married. He tells me “I love you” a hundred times a day. He kisses me good-bye before he leaves for work every morning. The kids (and dog) greet him at the door every evening and when he’s done hugging and kissing them he makes his way through the sea of toys on the floor to find me and kiss me. He says he is so blessed to have found me, but I think it’s the other way around… I’m the blessed one.

Thank you God for bring him to me. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and father to my children. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Intro

My Marriage-

Chad and I have been happily married for almost 5 years. Yes, we have had struggles and difficult times but we work together to triumph over the challenges of marriage.
When I was almost 22 years old I agreed to go to the Monster Jam in Portland Oregon with Chad. We hit it off and had a blast! There was hardly a day that went by that we were not together. We met each other’s families and friends and over time we fell in love.  About a year after our first date he pulled me outside so we could be alone, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried and said yes! Six months of planning, stress and a couple thousand dollars later, we were married. Everything was perfect! We moved in together, got a puppy named Wally, and enjoyed being newlyweds. Just 2 months later we found out we were going to have our first baby. Different challenges came our way once we added kids to the mix.
Chad and I do our best to meet each other’s needs. We took the online Love Language test and that has helped us tremendously in our marriage. Daily I have to remind myself to take time for Chad, that’s my biggest challenge. I’m so focused on the kids all day that when Chad and I do get alone time all I can think about is relaxing or cleaning. He has helped me realize that our kids are important but so is our marriage. We work together daily to make our marriage stronger. I know I couldn’t live without my hubby. He is my best friend!

My kids-

In June 2009 we welcomed our first born son, Michael, into the world. My water broke (two weeks early) and 24 hours later he arrived by an unplanned C-section. It was love at first sight. Finally holding his little body in my arms was an amazing feeling. Michael was a wonderful baby. He only cried when he needed something and even then it was a “quiet” cry. A VERY short four months later we found out baby number two was on the way. I cried. I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. My husband saw I was upset and one night he took my hand and said “I know you don’t feel ready. But this is a gift from God. He will take care of us.” Hearing this changed my view on this unexpected pregnancy.
In June 2010 my daughter, Emily, arrived (via C-section) announcing her coming for all to hear. With her heart beat and breathing irregular, she had to be rushed to the nursery. Six hours later Chad brought her to me. She suffered from a type of shock. Sometimes the transition from the womb to the cool air of the world can send a baby into shock. All babies react differently to their arrival, she simply liked the womb better. When we brought her home I quickly realized, even though her and Michael share the same blood, they were nothing alike. Emily was colic. She screamed and screamed. Most days I would just lie on the floor and cry with her. I would go to bed every night with a migraine. If it wasn’t for my amazing, God-given husband I strongly believe I would have “lost it”. Once he got home from work he helped with Michael and Emily, cooking, cleaning, and he put the kids to bed so I could get some sleep. I don’t know what I would do without him.
In April 2012 my baby boy, Samuel, (at a whoppin’ nine pounds) joined our family by yet another C-section. He was my only child I successfully breastfed. It was a remarkable feeling. Even though I am not breastfeeding anymore I still feel this incredible bond between us that I don’t have with my other two. Plus he’s my baby, my last baby. When I was pregnant with Sam, my husband and I agreed this would be our last baby. Right before Sam was born Chad went “under the knife”, no more kids for us.
Now, Michael is almost four, Emily is almost three and Sam is almost fourteen months and we couldn’t be happier. Yes we have our ups and downs just like everyone else. Yes my house is never clean but friends and family understand. Yes I’m the one with the screaming kid at the grocery store because I said “no” to candy or a toy, but I’m teaching my kids you don’t always get what you want. Yes I never get time alone but I don’t need it to be happy. We have a very normal, happy family.