Monday, February 3, 2014

How a family of 5 can live in a 2 bedroom home: Part Two

As I said in Part One, we have 5 people, plus a dog, living in 800 square feet... And again I'll say, I guess home builders in the 1940's didn't think of master bedrooms or spacious bathrooms. 
Speaking of bathrooms, that is what part two is about... bathrooms!

I actually had a few requests for my bathroom space saving ideas. Yay! It's so nice to know people are reading and liking my posts! THANKS READERS!

So here we go!

Part Two: the bathroom!

Bath tub & shower:
 We got the frog at Target

I have plenty of storage in the shower! A corner shelf, a shower catty and a cute FROG for the kids toys.

The corner self has shaving creams, body wash, kids shampoos and soaps, hubbies shampoo and dog shampoo (on the highest shelf so kids cant reach it). The catty has my shampoo and conditioner, soap bar and razors. The frog holds the kids bath toys.

Before moving into this house I had a nice shelf set. Because we down-sized I had to get rid of it... So I had to replace it with something. Being a Pinterest lover I found a few ways to help with our lack of bathroom storage situation.
With my husbands help, we made this easy (and cheap) mason jar wall decor/storage. Sense the bathroom is so small and has no counter space this was perfect for daily use items.

We also bought a cheap wine rack from a secondhand store to keep bath towels that were not in use. Also, hooks on the back of the door to hang the kids hooded towels. And of course a towel rack for handing damp towels in use.
Under the sink:
This is where I keep extra toilet paper, feminine products, a few bathroom only cleaners, mouth wash, my hair drier and curling iron and a basket of my hair/face products. Pretty much the norm for under the sink... If its big, it goes under the sink.

The mirror:
Luckily the bathroom mirror opens for more storage. This is the place for pain relievers, allergy pills, tooth brushes and paste and daily pills and medications.
Tip: Buy tooth paste that can stand up. It takes up less space. We use Crest Pro Health.

A few other tips:
Keep only what you use in the bathroom. If its seasonal like cold or allergy medicine (my husband has year around allergies, that's why we keep it in the mirror) keep it elsewhere, in a safe place. Same with bathroom cleaners. The only cleaner that needs to be under the sink is toilet cleaner and disinfecting wipes. I clean the toilet at least once a week (I have a 4 year old boy who likes to wait until the last minute to pee...), and the disinfecting wipes for a quick wipe down. As for shower cleaner, that's up to the individual. If you clean your shower once a week or more then you might want to keep the cleaner under the bathroom sink. I do clean ours about every 10 days (or as needed) but I keep the cleaner under the kitchen sink (we have more space under the kitchen sink).

Well, I'd say that's about it for the bathroom. I hope this was helpful! And be keeping an eye out for part three: the kitchen!

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading!

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